We understand that you lead busy lives; life with kids is no walk in the park! It can be difficult (or impossible) to make it out of the house to attend a workshop even if you have the best intentions. For this reason, the majority of our workshops are held online – what better way to learn than in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home?! 

Gentle Strategies to Wean Night Nursing

Are you tired of nursing your toddler to sleep at bedtime? Are you wishing the middle of the night nursing sessions could become cuddles instead? Is your baby nearing age 1, 2 or 3, and you are finding this transition...

Start Out Right - New Parents

The goal of this workshop is to have you and your partner thinking and discussing your baby's sleep needs, BEFORE anyone is overtired, or pouring from an empty cup. Think through big decisions with a clear mind, a focused heart...

Start Out Right - Experienced Parents

The number one most talked about topic among parents is SLEEP. How to make the most of what you are getting, how to handle the long nights, early mornings, and create healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime.