WHEN: Thursday, July 19th

TIME: 7:30 - 9:30 pm 

WHERE: This webinar will take place via Zoom. Everything you need to join will be sent to you prior to the workshop. 

COST: $85.00 


NOTE: This webinar will be recorded, so join late, or listen after your littles are asleep! Recording will be available for 7-10 days after the event!

Gentle Strategies to Wean Nighttime Nursing

This webinar was created with older children in mind. We believe nursing at night is a natural, normal, part of infant development. Heck! It is normal for the toddlers and preschoolers as well. But if you are wishing this part of your parenting journey would come to a peaceful close, we want to be there to support you with the right strategies. Strategies mentioned will be suitable to children over age one. 

In this 2 hour webinar, all methodologies mentioned will honour the parent/child relationship. We hope that you will leave feeling ready to begin with a new plan of action, while ensuring that you commend yourself for your nursing journey thus far. It is not our goal to do this with any form of sleep training, or strict behavioural modification. But rather, strategies best described as "sleep nudging". 

We believe that our children make sleep changes best when they are guided. We want to give you the tools YOU need to guide YOUR toddler towards a different way to fall asleep, or stay asleep, while honouring your body and feelings in the process. 

In this webinar format, you will be able to watch from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will see slides, video demonstrations, as well as, the presenter live on screen. We will reserve 30 minutes at the end for Q&A, and will ensure you get your questions answered. 

What people had to say about our last webinar: 

"This workshop was interesting and informative. It helped me feel better about making decisions about my baby's sleep."

"The information presented was interesting, and was presented from an honest, authentic place!"

"I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned a lot more about baby sleep than I thought I would! The approach is holistic, and you will feel like you can make the best decision for your particular child."