WHEN: Wednesday, August 8th

TIME: 7:00 - 9:00 pm 

WHERE: This webinar will take place via Zoom. Everything you need to join will be sent to you prior to the workshop. 

COST: $85.00

NOTE: This webinar will be recorded, so join late, or listen after your littles are asleep! Recording will be available for 7-10 days after the event!

Start Out Right - Experienced Parents Edition

The number one most talked about topic among parents is SLEEP. How to make the most of what you are getting, how to handle the long nights, early mornings, and create healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. 

During this two hour webinar we are going to discuss everything that you need to know to prepare for sleep with baby number 2 (or #3 or #4) from the comfort of your own home. We are going to set you up with the tools that you need to successfully prioritize your newborns sleep needs with the demands of parenting other children. 

Topics discussed:

  • Setting your newborn up for sleep success early on
  • Optimal sleep environments
  • Age appropriate awake windows
  • Hands-on newborn settling techniques
  • Sleep associations; which ones to introduce when, and which ones to avoid
  • The hierarchy of soothing, and using this to prepare your baby for the BEST sleep early on
  • Ways to gently shape sleep, without any formal sleep training techniques or CIO
  • The role of nighttime feeding for the breastfed baby
  • Sibling transitions

A great start to your baby’s sleep and your future! 

*Workshop will take place online via Zoom. Instructions on how to join will be sent to you prior to the webinar.