Parent Mentoring - $797.00

Are poor behaviors and power struggles sapping the joy out of parenting?  We have created our own unique approach to addressing behaviours that is rooted in parenting by connection.  Our approach will bring the joy back into your home and will leave you feeling empowered and more than capable as a parent.


We will conduct a full assessment of your child’s development, areas of strengths and challenges, and emotional wellbeing during an in-home observation. We will then schedule time to complete the consultation where we will establish age appropriate goals, family recommendations and develop strategies. 


You will receive a behaviour plan outlining all of the strategies discussed as well as any relevant articles or resources. 


You will have 2 hours of in-home modeling and coaching. Having one on one time providing demonstrations, encouraging, and providing feedback will build your confidence in supporting your child through challenging moments and strengthen your relationship. 

You will also have 4 fifteen-minute follow up phone calls.