Newborn Sleep 0-12 Weeks
Private Sleep Education $250.00

Your precious little person doesn’t come with a manual, but our Newborn Sleep Education may be the next best thing!  We’ll help you navigate the sleepy, newborn journey so you can get ahead of the game and establish healthy sleep habits right from the start. If you are a new or expectant parent then this package is definitely for you. Receive the knowledge, strategies, and tools necessary to create a solid sleep foundation, right from the start. 


We will spend 1.5-2 hours discussing how newborns sleep and setting you up for sleep success, right from the start. We will cover newborn sleep science, age appropriate sleep expectations and needs, day and night confusion, sleep environment, common sleep challenges (and how to avoid!), soothing strategies and so much more! 


You will receive our "Start Out Right" handbook which covers all you need to know to survive (and thrive!) during the first few months with your baby. 


If you would like to schedule a check in phone call to ask any questions or just put your mind at ease that what you’re experiencing is developmentally normal, reach out and we can set something up. 

*In home consultations are available within the Greater Vancouver area at an additional fee of $200.00.