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Our Unique Approach to Sleep Consulting and Parent Coaching

Our philosophy in a nutshell:
There is no “right’ way to raise a child.


Our goal is to assist you in letting go of any pressure you feel to adhere to rigid parenting methods that confuse, overwhelm or go against your values.
We help you feel secure and confident as a parent and determine the best parenting methods that align with your values and the needs of your family.


What Makes Our Approach to Sleep Education and Parent Coaching Unique


We Offer Customized
Alternative Approaches

We don’t use formal sleep training methods that address “undesirable” sleep behaviours, as they do not uncover or solve the root cause of the sleep challenge. As a result, these methods don’t work for the long term. 

They may provide results temporarily, but then a transition, growth spurt, or illness will send things off kilter, and you will need to “re-train” your child all over again. 

We have extensive training and experience in numerous sleep education and parenting methods. At the same time, due to our 11 years experience and natural intuitive abilities, we think outside the box and are able to come up with unique (and sometimes seemingly odd) strategies that solve the challenges you are facing. 

Our parenting methods go well beyond what most sleep consultants and parent coaches use or what you may have read about in books.

Our particular, child-led approach, combined with our understanding of emotional wellbeing and skills in play therapy offer a successful alternative to formal behavioural sleep training and parenting methods. This approach is healthier for your child and easier on you as a parent.

The secret to your success is to find a way that you can confidently and comfortably implement because it feels “right” for you as a person and matches your parenting style. 

Our Approach is

We advocate for a child-led approach. We aim to develop a plan that fits your baby or child and family vs. making your baby or child fit a specific approach.

We start by identifying what is best for your child based on their developmental stage and behaviors and then implement changes gradually to support their needs. Starting with your child’s needs in this way strengthens your bond with your child and deepens trust, love, and security.

Once we set the foundation for your child there is then room for changes that you may want to initiate to better meet your family’s lifestyle and interests. If you’re not comfortable with any method, then we’ll create an alternate one.

Our goal is to help you achieve success implementing strategies that you are comfortable with and resonate with you as a parent. 

Expertise in Child Development and Attachment Theory

With a solid background in child development and 11 years of hands on experience putting hundreds of babies to sleep, our founder, Amy Butler, has the knowledge, experience and education to coach you to success. She is able to give an educated perspective as to what your child is experiencing based on child development science. She is also well versed in attachment theory and knows how to help you facilitate and enhance a secure bond with your child. 

This knowledge allows her to guide you to solutions for the challenges that you face which are developmentally and age appropriate, respects your bond with your child, and addresses the underlying cause of the problems with compassion and respect.  

We understand that parenting is more difficult some days than it is on others. We will support you to enhance your skills so that you can parent more effectively during difficult times.

Assessment and
Solution Focused Plan

We do a thorough assessment to uncover the main source of your child’s difficulties. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem so we can address it and establish new and healthy sleep habits and behaviors. 

Together we will create realistic and age appropriate goals for your child. You’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge that you need to be successful. 

We view sleep and behaviour challenges as a puzzle; we look at the big picture in order to understand what is needed. All areas of your child’s life need to be addressed from their nutrition, sleep environment, and routines, to their emotional wellbeing, attachment and play opportunities. 

Uncovering the areas of imbalance and putting strategies in place to resolve them completes that puzzle and establishes a solid foundation for a happy, healthy, confident, and emotionally secure child. 


Sometimes, solving children’s problems is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Whatever your problems are and however helpless you may be feeling right now, we are confident that we can help. After 11 years of working with children and putting hundreds of children to sleep without fail, we know that there is always a solution.