Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use formal sleep training methods? 

No. We choose to take a holistic and child led approach to sleep. Formal methodologies only address sleep behaviours, they don’t identify and resolve root of the sleep challenge. Sleep is a biological function (just like eating) therefore it cannot be “taught.” We believe that when a child’s needs (emotional and physical) are met and they feel safe and secure, understand what is expected of them and have the support needed to be successful, sleep will occur.

Is my baby going to cry? 

Yes. Crying is a normal and natural release of emotion. It is our very first form of communication; it is how babies indicate their want’s and needs. Our solutions are not “No-Cry” because we view crying as a healthy and natural function. We are raising tiny humans, not robots. 

We believe in supporting infants and children through their emotions by being present and providing the love, support and comfort that they need to feel emotionally safe. When changing a strong pattern, there is going to be push back and upset, and that is ok. It’s normal. We need to be there to support those tears and be their calm in the storm. 

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it is our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.”  - L.R Knost

When is a good time to start?  

There are what we like to call sweet spots and tricky times during the first year which make certain ages more accepting of change. Saying that, there is always going to be a reason to wait. I could literally write you an excuse for every single week for your babies first year of life and it would be completely legitimate. 

The better question is, are you ready for this? Anytime is a good time if you are feeling ready for change. Working with a sleep consultant isn’t going to guarantee you a good sleeper – we are only part of the equation. We provide you with the education, strategies, tools, encouragement and support, but when push comes to shove, you are the one implementing these changes. If you are on the fence give us a call and talk it out with us. Maybe you are ready, maybe you are happy with your sleep situation for right now and there isn’t enough motivation for you to make changes – that is ok! A sleep problem is only an issue if its not working for you!

Will you support us if we want to continue to bedshare? 

Absolutely! As long as co-sleeping is done safely we are happy for you to continue. We will help you develop realistic sleep expectations and goals and walk you through the process of supporting your child to better sleep while maintaining the family bed. 

How long will it take until we see results? 

Every child is unique! With consistency, the right approach and strategies, and a clear line of communication most families see improvement by day 4! We will be working very closely for 3+ weeks so we have lots of times to tweak and adjust things to achieve our goals! 

Will I have to stop breastfeeding or wean nighttime feeds? 

No! During each consultation, we discuss realistic expectations and establish some family goals. Those goals are entirely up to you! Our only agenda is for you to achieve the goals that we create together and that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever approach we decide is best. 

Does your method fix sleep forever? Or just temporarily? 

Our holistic approach to sleep will provide you with the knowledge and tools to gently guide your child toward independent sleep skills. Together we implement the building blocks to healthy sleep and help you understand the importance of consistency and maintaining this foundation. A major component of our approach involves supporting your child’s emotional wellbeing through identifying their needs and respectfully providing them with needed support. 

Children aren’t robots, they go through growth spurts, sleep regressions, teething and illness and achieve new milestones where their sleep may become disrupted. These are all normal disruptions that occur during the first few years of your child’s life. If you have implemented the healthy sleep habits, maintained them and supported your child in learning independent sleep skills, these normal occurrences tend to cause less disruption and help your child get back on track much quicker. Using our approach you will resolve your current sleep challenges and be well prepared to tackle typical developmental disruptions in the future. 

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