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Sleep Educator, Consultant & Parenting Coach, Vancouver

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"My husband and I were raised very differently and as a result, we chose different paths when it came to parenting our two children. Everything was working well until our daughter hit two; she turned into a defiant, strong willed, and tantrum ridden child we hardly recognized. By the time she turned four and our second child was approaching 2 we knew we needed help. We never did anything fun as a family, we stopped going to drop in’s, swimming, and play gyms with our children because of the embarrassing and incredibly public meltdowns that would occur. Our home was not only a hostile and stressful place, my husband and I weren’t working as a team; the emotional stress of parenting challenging children and struggling in our marriage had us desperate.

A friend recommended Amy to us and after a quick phone call, I knew we had found the person who had the skills to help us.  Amy explained the need for boundaries, respect and consistency and helped us understand that our children’s behaviour was a cry for help. Amy assisted my husband and I create some compromises, set boundaries and agree to support one another. It was incredibly challenging in the beginning, but Amy's upbeat personality, hands on demonstrations, and problem solving helped us stay on track and remain consistent. We are now the recipients of comments like, "Your kids are so well behaved!" and "I wish my kids would do that!" which is a nice change from, "Oh, its the Donaldson kids..." and "Thank god those aren't my children!" I could not recommend Amy more highly to help with any challenge your family might be facing - her experience, knowledge and skills make her invaluable."