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About Amy Butler, ECE, NCS, CSC
Sleep Educator and Parenting Coach

Newborn Care Specialist and Early Childhood Educator
Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant
Aka “Baby Whisperer”

My Mission for Helping Babies, Children, and Parents

In my many years as an Early Childhood Educator, I saw too many families struggling to navigate the parenting world. They were confused about what methods to use with their children and were uncomfortable with mainstream approaches. 

I often witnessed parents tormenting themselves trying to do what society pressured them to do. They felt ashamed about some of the behaviors they engaged in as parents, even when they were doing everything in the best interests of their children.

My experiences working with parents and children led to my desire to start my coaching business. I wanted to support parents in having a more positive, confident, and successful parenting experience and a more harmonious home environment.













Parenting exists on a spectrum between allowing children the freedom to grow and develop, while establishing limits for safety and security when necessary.

Successful parenting allows children the independence to develop naturally while establishing boundaries to help guide them as they grow into responsible adults.


I Offer Respect and Compassion for the Needs of You and Your Child

As a misunderstood child myself, I have a great deal of empathy for the struggles of children and their parents. Supporting families with babies and young children is my gift and my passion.

I am non-judgmental. I listen attentively to your concerns and goals, and then together we work to find solutions that will work for you and your family. I want you to feel confident and secure in implementing the approach that we decide on.


I am Known as the “Baby Whisperer”

Many of the families and professionals I have worked with call me the “Baby Whisperer” because of my special ability to identify the needs of the child and meet them in a respectful, compassionate, and consistent manner.

Trust is built when a child’s physical and emotional needs are met, and they feel safe and secure. In over 11 years, there isn’t a child that I was not able to get to sleep or support through a challenging, emotional moment. In fact, I once put 7 babies to sleep at the same time!

I am confident that I have encountered almost every sleep and parenting problem that exists. I’ve helped hundreds of children and families with a range of backgrounds and extremely challenging circumstances. I have worked with children with reflux, anxiety, preemies, sleep apnea, different temperaments, special needs, medical conditions, and more!

I have a special place in my heart for children who are considered “difficult.”

These children often need special understanding and unique parenting methods to help them grow and develop.


Experience, Education, and Certification

Experience - Early Childhood Educator and Supervisor

Before starting my consulting and coaching business for families, I was an Early Childhood Educator working with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Three years in the field were spent supervising and training staff in child development and play based practices. These years gave me the opportunity to take my experience and natural gifts to educate and support other educators in developing and utilizing them.

Early Childhood and Parent Coaching Education

  • Setting Up for Success in Social Emotional Learning – Jan Blaxall MASC, RECE, AECEO.C
  • Roots of Attachment: 6 Stages of Relationship - Dr. Gordon Neufeld, PhD
  • Relationship Matters: The challenges of parenting and teaching today’s children - Dr. Gordon Neufeld, PhD
  • Helping Your Children Sleep - Hand in Hand Parenting
  • Setting Limits and Building Cooperation - Hand in Hand Parenting
  • Seven: Guidelines for Bedsharing- Teresa Pittman
  • Infant Sleep Educator Certificate - Bebo Mia 
  • International Association of Child Sleep Consultants - Member
  • Maternal and Child Sleep Consultant, International Maternity and Parenting Institute
  • Early Childhood Care and Education License to Practice 
  • The British Columbia Early Learning Framework Implementation Project 
  • Certified Newborn Care Specialist – Multiple Blessings NCS
  • Zones of Regulation - A framework to foster self-regulation and emotional control
  • YMCA Playing to Learn Certification (35 hours)
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma - Capilano University
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Certificate
  • Infant / Toddler Care and Education Certificate
  • Special Needs Care and Education Certificate 

While my education and training have been invaluable, I am indebted to the incredible children, parents and educators I have worked with who have taught me so much about the importance of being flexible and adaptable in finding the best solutions for each family.

It is rewarding to know that my work helps parents become more confident and secure in their parenting and see their children excel because of it.

I am comforted knowing that with my help there is one more child in the world who is growing up to achieve their true potential because their parents are confidently raising them in the best way possible for their child’s personality and temperament.

When I am not supporting families, you can find me at the yoga studio, hiking in the beautiful west coast mountains, swimming in lakes, and hanging out with friends and family.  I used to be a competitive dancer and still take dance classes from time to time.